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KTUU Alaska Fishing Report

Last week in the Channel 2 Fishing Report, we came up snake-eyes in our search for silver salmon out of Seward. But in this week's report, the stench of that skunk is a thing of the past as we strike silver early and often on the Kenai River.

In September on the Kenai the king season is over and the temperatures are cooling -- but the Alaska silver salmon fishing is just heating up.

It's been great since Aug. 1, we've been getting limits or almost limits every day,said Kenai River fishing guide Jimmie Jack.

Jack knows what he's talking about. A longtime guide, he parks us just off the bank and sets us up with sardine-wrapped Kwikfish lures.

We're just sitting on anchor, just right against the bank, backtrolling -- well, not backtrolling, but we're dragging plugs into the water and just sitting there right in their path,Jack said. They're going to run into them, and we don't need to go anywhere because they're coming to us.

And they come to us quickly, our efforts almost immediately netting us a fish toward our daily bag limit -- which just increased to three fish per day on the Kenai Sept. 1.

The limit's three now, starting today. In August we're two, so now we're limit of three starting today -- so hopefully we'll see if we can find 12,Jack said.

Its an ambitious goal, but certainly doable. As the day unfolds, I eventually catch my second and third fish.

OK, Carp, so you got the film: you limited out,said my photographer, Eric Sowl.

I limited out -- can we go home now?I asked.

Not hardly, not with the fishing this good. In addition to Eric and I, Jack's clients include Rick and Andy Barron, a father and son visiting from Georgia -- and they've never caught an Alaska salmon. But its a problem quickly solved.

Another benefit of September silvers on the Kenai: they tend to be large fish.

You know, these things gain a pound a week out in the ocean, so every week that you don't go into September they're getting bigger,Jack said. That's good -- we start seeing some 15, 16-pounders.

If a trip down to the Kenai strikes your fancy, heres a few pointers to remember:

Use the Force, Luke!
"    Guides know where and how to get those big silvers, so make sure you take advantage of their expertise!

Threes a crowd!
"    The daily bag limit for Kenai River silvers has increased to three per day, as of Sept. 1.

The bigger, the better&
"    Silvers on the Kenai tend to be decent-size fish, making them even more fun to catch!

Break out the cookbook&
"    The bigger fish mean bigger fillets -- which means more fish for the grill.

As for this week's hot spots, the Kenai is the place to be for silvers -- big silvers! In addition, the Upper Kenai is good right now for those interested in rainbow trout and Dolly Vardens.
Whittier is still producing good silver fishing as well as decent shrimping, and as the temperatures begin to cool, the fishing at Lake Louise for lake trout only gets better.

As always, make sure you give the folks at Fish and Game a call at 267-2218 if you have any questions about where to fish, when you can fish or how you can fish. It's way better to have that conversation before you
Fish, instead of when you're trying to talk yourself out of a fishing ticket.

Contact John Carpenter at

by John Carpenter
Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- There was little traffic on the Kenai River on this mid week morning.

Maybe folks didn't know that the silvers are in!

Once again, we went with Jimmie Jack of Jimmie Jack fishing and he had a plan.

"We are fishing with plugs, just sitting on anchor waiting for them to hit," said Jimmie. "So they're swimming up and we're sitting in their way. It's pretty easy fishing. It's probably the easiest fishing you can do."

He wasn't kidding.

Sandy, a friend of Jimmies, hooked a silver right away.

"There he goes. Got him? All right!" said Jimmie.

Soon after, I hooked a fish, sort of.

"That's a fish."

"Oh, it's a pink in the back."

"Yeah, I think it's a snag, ix-nay on the oot-shay."

"You got to get a pink in the back every once in a while."

Not Sandy, she caught her second silver a couple of minutes later.

"Nice! Again, quick limit," said Jimmie.

"This is how easy it is with Jimmie Jack," said Sandy.

I caught three humpies. But my "humpy hex" didn't last long as I hooked and landed a silver.

"Oh yeah, there's some weight to that one," said Jimmie. "

Look at that!" said Sandy. "That is a big fish."

Meanwhile, Jimmie picked up a new passenger; his old college track coach Bob Fraley, who a long time ago taught Jimmie how to pole vault, yet he never caught a silver salmon.

Until now.

"Golly!" exclaimed Jimmie. "There you go coach. Right on!"

"The first time I saw him I called him Jimmie Jack. I'm not sure why, but it stuck with him," said Fraley.

"Because you said I didn't know jack about pole vaulting," explained Jimmie.

"That's right, I said you don't know jack about pole vaulting and for a long time he was proving me right," said Fraley.

The fishing proved to be so good on this day, even my photographer Eric Sowl caught his limit.

Jimmie Jack may have been slow catching on to pole vaulting but when it comes to catching fish Jimmie knows "jack". Just ask his coach.


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