Charters: Full and Half Day Fishing Charters

Kenai King Salmon
Kenai King Salmon
Successful fishing trip!
Successful fishing trip!
Ken "DO" Gentry
You get more quality fishing with Jimmie Jack Fishing.

All of our King Salmon and Rainbow Trout trips are full day (8 hour) trips. Why a full day and not a half day? Simply, you will catch more fish. A full day really gives everyone on the boat a solid chance to catch a Trophy King Salmon. On full days, we can take our time through productive fishing holes, change techniques when needed, and fish a larger stretch of river. We can teach you more about our techniques and equipment. All clients will get to fish at least one tide of incoming Kings.

Our past clients have voted for the full day trip, and we agree. We have found that full day trips will leave you with a more memorable experience of quality fishing.

Full Day (8 hour): $250 per person

  • King Salmon
  • Rainbow Trout

  • Silver Salmon

Halibut Fishing (6 - 8 hour): $275 per person

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