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Kenai River, Alaska
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Guest Reviews of Jimmie Jack's Lodge

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Jimmie Jack,

It is quite a testament to your crew that you can turn your lodge over to them and trust their professionalism and skill and kindness to the guests! I fell in love with Alaska! Would love to go back and fish with you again, if I can afford it. Am interested in halibut trips primarily, but a little salmon to bring home would be good too! Would sure appreciate it if you could give me some quotes on packages and trips that you might have available this summer. Thank you for the awesome fishing last summer and I look forward to hearing from you.  -Rob Mccullough

Jimmie Jack,

Thank you for such a terrific experience!  We had a wonderful time fishing with your guide and staying at the lodge.  The help was fantastic.  We will not forget our honeymoon as it was the most beautiful fish I've ever caught.  God bless,

Jordan and Jenna Lellhame - Super September Package

Jimmie Jack,
Hope this message finds you well. I made it back to the real world safely. This vacation was truly a trip of a lifetime. I had an awesome time and your guides made the trip all the more enjoyable. Cat Daddy, Craig and Jacob were the best. Also Camp momma's TLC made it easy to get up in the a.m. Good Lord willing I'll be back in 2013 with my nehpew and lil sis. Thanks again Jimmie for a great fishing experience.
Thomas Gary

Jimmie Jack,
Boarding the plane now for CA.
Warren and I had a great trip. Thanks for putting Warren on a fish-of-a-lifetime. He'll have great a great story to tell for years. Fishing with Lauren Magiera from KTUU was special.
You run a quality operation with exceptional guides and outstanding boats and gear. Catdaddy is on his game!
See you again.
All the best,

Jimmie Jack
I just wanted to send a note to thank you and the staff for the great time I had last week. You have an exceptional staff (from
Kathy to the guides), great food, and I believe they really treat you like family.
I am glad Dave was able to get me on a fish Friday, it would have been a great trip even without the fish, Dave is exceptional and unique.
I can't wait for my next adventure in a couple of years. Congrats on the upcoming new addition to the family.
Thanks again.
Gary Adams

Jimmie Jack,
I just want to send a note to say how pleased we were with your operation. Our Alaska trip, which included Halibut, saltwater kings, Kenai Kings, Dollys, Rainbow Trout, Red Sockeye, and we even got to pull a Wolf Eel up off the ocean floor, was highlighted a week ago today with our charter at Jimmie Jack's. Our guide Jacob was excellent, very professional, enthusiastic and personable as well. He gave us good instruction, safety measures and did I forget to mention boating 4 kings by 11 am that day!! That included my dad landing about a 45 lb king on his birthday! We were all ecstatic and Jake did a great job, he even went the extra mile in helping us get the fillets prepared for our coolers.
Bottom line is I'm sure this doesn't happen every day but it worked out great this time. So I just wanted to express our satisfaction with your outfit and you're guide Jacob. We hope to be back soon and would definitely recommend to others to fish with the Jimmie Jack Fishing Co.
Thanks a million.
Mike Welsch
Lakeville, MN

Hello Jimmie,
I just wanted to let you know we had a fabulous time staying at your lodge! Kathy was great and all the guides were superb! We will definitely be booking for next summer as soon as I get my school schedule! I would be happy to provide any referrals for your lodge if you need them. Valarie Carr

Jimmie Jack,
First off, I need to thank my daughter for qualifying to jump in Fresno at the California indoor state championship and my wife for purchasing a raffle ticket.
The initial call from Brian Yokoyama was indeed a surprise. He had informed us that we were the grand prize winners of the raffle. I was not sure what raffle he was talking about, I thought he was a solicitor trying to sell insurance. I was intending to hang up because I was watching Mason''s baseball game and did not want to get interrupted & sure glad I listened to his "pitch".
Most of us can read, so prior to our arrival we had a pretty good idea that you have a wonderful lodge, wonderful boats, and a chance to catch a trophy fish. Anyway, the experience was awesome. The information provided on the website, brochures, and other promotional materials were accurate to a point. What it did not celebrate was the relationships you develop during the brief time you are there. Your lodge was an international smorgasbord. We met people from Europe, Canada, east coast US, west coast US, mid America, Wales & the people made our trip, & the fishing was spectacular too. Your staff that we met: Big Jim, "Cat Daddy", JoJo, Kathy, and Jacob treated us like family. Your team and your clients made the trip memorable. Mason and I have traveled the globe to fish. Fishing with Jimmie Jack might arguably have been the most memorable experience.
We know that you gave us the "rookie" guide, Jacob. We understand why. But, let me tell you, Jacob was a professional. If he was inexperienced, it did not show. His enthusiasm, work ethic, and passion glorified a sport we hold deepest to our heart, fishing. That young lad will succeed in any endeavor he pursues.
Jimmie Jack, we are grateful for the opportunity and thank you for allowing us to share a part of your world & Alaska!
Good fishing,
Craig and Mason

Jimmie, Dave, Jacob, Craig, Kathy
Were back in Wales safely, 2 days travelling, spent 10 hours in Philadelphia and got to see some of the sights
Thank you for a brilliant experience, were taking away great memories, new friends and fantastic scenery - nearly as beautiful as Wales!
Hope to see you all soon
Ceri and Mike

Don't you just love lawyers?
Hey, we had a great time.
Your whole operation, from Kathy, to accommodations , to lunches and breakfasts, to the organization, have all improved.
Say hello to your wife, son, Dad and mom.

Thanks for making us feel at home and comfortable. Also, thanks for the great lunches with all the special touches. Hope to see you again someday. Best wishes, Jean Capuzzio

You made the trip awesome!!! I really appreciate all that you do for us to make it a great vacation. Hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Maybe we can meet again or you come down and experience the Tennessee River. Thanks so much, Michelle

Jimmie Jack,
What a great trip we had. Thank you so much for everything. We enjoyed meeting new people, listening to the missionaries, and staying at your great lodge. Looking forward to bringing Doug and grandson, Trevor. They would love catching those silver salmon. Keep us posted on your travels. Elaine and Bob Fraley

Jimmie Jack
The memory of the past season will remain for a long time to come. Thank you all again for the most memorable trip I have had the pleasure of enjoying. Am hoping for a repeat as soon as I am able. My best to the crew and hope to see you again soon. Jack Kachermeyer 

Dear Jimmie Jack, Thank you so much for making our family trip to Alaska a memorable one!  From our accomodations, to the food, to the sights, to our was fantastic!!!  My favorite moments might be watching my sister, Mindy, reel in her king salmon, or listening to your CDs on the river!  It was also such a joy to listen to your dad's stories.  I don't think I have laughed that hard for over a year!  In saying all this, thank you, for all you, your staff, and family did for us!  It was such a great trip!

Jimmie Jack's Staff, Thank you so much for making my 60th birthday a very happy and blessed one that I will never forget.  alaska has been a great experience.  I have enjoyed the wonder and beauty of God's creation - of course that includes the fishing!  Thanks again for everything - the cake was delicious and there is one piece let in the freezer.  Enjoy it!  Thanks, God's love and peace, Alice and Jay Jacobson

Jimmie Jack, Super Dave, Nicole, 5 Star, and Big Jim and Mom - One big thank you to all of you!!!  When a man can take his whole family on vacation for a week that is cool!  But when you all make it extra special, that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for all going the extra mile and treating my family with respect and just allowing us to have a great time and get to know all of you a little better!!!!!  My stomach still hurts from laughing and eating too much on that saturday night!!!!

Jimmie Jack, thank you so much for your generous contribution to the American Cancer Society.  We were so excited when we won the trip.  The accomodations far exceeded our expectations!  Your staff has been wonderful.  Susan always made sure we had what we needed, and was always there for directions.  Mark and Terry provided fun filled days on the river and helped us catch lots of fish.  We will be forever grateful for all the memories!  Thanks - Glenn and Denice Tsuda

Jimmie Jack,
Just wanted to let you know we had a great trip. We certainly appreciated your hospitality. We are looking forward to returning next year. The fishing was great and the meals were the best. Tell Jason we are back to eating burgers and dogs. Thanks again. Mike Snyder 

Hey Jimmie,
My father, Dan and I want to thank your staff and everyone involved on our trip for everything. We had a wonderful experience. The staff and trip was class A. I would recommend this experience trip to anyone that has never been fishing or visit Alaska. I would and will recommend to anyone who wants to fish to call your people and book it with you. Thanks again, Rob Snyder P.S.-- Stay in touch with us. We look forward to seeing you in a year

Jimmie Jack,
My son Dan and I just got back from our successful fishing trip to the Kenai Peninsula and I wanted to pass along my appreciation. The lodge was top notch, your staff was excellent, and the fishing was fantastic. Dan caught a 48 pound king with Terry our first day on the Kenai. Three days later, Dan and I both caught 49 pounders with Dave. Both of these guides were very personable and knew how to find the big kings. Jason and Nicole made sure everything around the lodge ran smoothly and were a pleasure to talk to. Take a look at the attached photos. I have included each of the three Kenai kings that we caught and the guides we were with. Feel free to include any of the photos on your website. Terry and Dave found us fish even though many of the other boats on the water were not as fortunate. They did a fantastic job! We will come back to Alaska again and I am confident our plans will be made with Jimmie Jack's Lodge. Rick Dietz

All I can say is wow! I never thought I would have the chance to fish the Kenai in July and what a treat it was. It didnt take long for Jimmie Jack to find the big ones. I was able to fish for two fulls days on the Kenai and each day caught my limit in Kings. I even released a 35 pounder because Jimmie said we could find a bigger one. I also had a chance to go Halibut fsihing that Jimmie set up as well and let me just say limited again 50 lb and 80 lb.

His lodge is vey nice with open views of the Cook Inlet located on the bluffs above the beach In Kenai . Inside is newly decorated and has a very Alaskan feel to it A great place for a cold beer at the end of the day. sitting around the fire pit sharing stories of great fishing with other people staying at the lodge

I want to thank Jimmie Jack for a workout and fishing of a lifetime. I had such a good time I booked another trip in under 3 months after going home to San Diego and think maybe I should think about living on the Kenai. Its is so amazing. Alaska will take your breath away. Everyone needs to see it! Nick Riney

Thanks Jimmie Jack, I wanted to let you know that I had a great time in Alaska.  Your lodge is GREAT.  I will once again try to make another trip to visit.  I also want to tell you that Dave is a great guide and person.  I had a lot of fun, while learning a lot about Alaska and fishing for salmon on the Kenai River.  Good luck in the future, and best wishes for you and Rosy with your new child.  God bless, Gary

Jimmie Jack, Thank you sooo much for eveything!  We all had so much fun this whole week.  Hope all goes well with you in the months to come!  The Jacksons and Diepersloots

Carl Hammons and I want to thank you and our guide, for the fun experience we had on our recent charter. You can bet on our recommending your services to friends and colleagues. Again, thank you for a professional and fun experience! Sincerely, Suzanne Cyr

Dear Jimmie Jack,
I can't thank you enough for all you did to make this fishing trip a great one! I never realized how good salmon, right from the ocean and cold river water can be! Thanks again, and I will be back! Cheers, Al Wander

Jimmie Jack,
I feel compelled to write you about my eventful fishing experience through your services. Your lodge is outstanding! The view overlooking Cook Inlet definitely grows on a visitor. Your guides are top notch, genuine, earning professionals who are sincere in getting your clients to catch fish. Their professionalism, courtesy, and easy going personalities are a bonus when fishing the Kenai. My brother and I thoroughly enjoyed our fishing experience in Alaska. With any luck at all we will be making an annual pilgrimage using your services. Thanks for everything! Sincerely, Jim and Dick Stennie

Jimmie Jack,
I want to thank you for providing my party with a great fishing experience on the Kenai River. Warmest Regards, Skinner

Jimmie, it is that time of year, again. My freezer is out of Kenai King steaks and we need to book another fishing trip. John and I will be in AK the second week of June, 2008. We would like to book about three or four days at the lodge and at least two full day for Kenai River Kings with you as guide. Awesome does not describe my first Kenai King catch on your boat, the word is "Glorious". John and Bobbie Mariano

Dear Jimmie Jack,
Thanks for the summer fishing letter. We are going to take a break this year but plan on returning in 2009. Our whole family booked your lodge for August 8,9 and 10 in 2007. We booked a silver salmon fishing trip with you and had a great time. Your guide was very knowledgeable and set us up in some good spots. Our whole family enjoyed the comforts of your lodge. I'm sorry to not have thanked you sooner. I am enclosing some pictures of our fishing trip. Best regards, Alex Vazquez



Jimmie Jack:
Thanks to you and your staff for a great trip. We have visited Alaska every summer for the past eight years - and our group was unanimous in feeling you ran the best operation. You and your guides were very professional and knowledgeable - your boats were fast, comfortable and spotless - your fishing gear was first class - the lodge was very clean, well furnished and well run - All in all - a great operation.
Our thanks to you, Cat Daddy, Adam and Penny. A special thanks to Frank for a super day of halibut fishing and Cat Daddy for helping us get the van back to the rental company!!
Feel free to use me as a referral to any prospective guest.
Thanks again and God Bless.
Mike Casey 


Jimmie Jack,
Greetings from Republic, Washington.  I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a great time we had fishing with you earlier this month.  And our accommodations were fantastic - WHAT A VIEW!!  Dave and Adam were great guides - they both did their best to "put us where the fish were".  Unfortunately the Kenai closed the day before we got there so we had to fish the Kasilof two days, but what a beautiful river and peaceful drift boat ride.  We both had the opportunity to "hook up" a few times so that part was great.  As far as the halibut fishing, we did go out two days, and we did come home with just under 80 pounds of halibut.   All in all, though, we had a great time and will definitely recommend your lodge to any family and friends who are considering a trip to Alaska.
     I also want to say "hat's off" to Pennie.  She does a fantastic job with your guests and prepares wonderful meals.  Thanks again for all she does.
Gay Lynne Hobson

 Jimmie, Super Dave, Nicole, 5 Star, Big Jim, and Mom,

One big thank you to all of you!!! When a man can take his whole family on vacation for a week that is cool!!!  But when you call make it extra special, that is fantastic!!! Thank you for all going the extra mile and treating my family with respect and just allowing us to have a great time and get to know all of you a little better!! My stomach still hurts from laughing and eating too much on that Saturday night!!!! You are all great!!! God has blessed you all so much and it is cool to see you using your blessings for his glory!!! It was a privilege to visit Alaska, and you all made it extra cool!!! ...A Sincere thank you for giving my family a great Alaska Experience!!! God Bless you all.

Mike De Jager



If I have not already sent you a personal note, I wanted to make sure and take the time to tell you what a great time my father and I had visiting and fishing with you and your parents.


You have a great service and are a pleasure to fish with.

IF you ever decide to take the time to come to Arkansas and fish the home of the WORLD RECORD BROWN TROUT, please call me and I will get everything set up.

Again, thanks for a great time.

Kind Regards,

Brett W. Walker



We had an awesome time fishing with you! You are by far the best guide we've fished within our 4 years we've lived in Alaska. Thanks for making Dave's first King catch one he'll never forget!

Rachel Marcovitch

Jimmie Jack,

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much fun we had fishing with you -- what a GREAT experience! We caught more fish than we ever imagined and they were all bigger than we expected. We have already recommended you to several of our friends. Rainbows, dolly varden, pinks, and silvers far exceeded our expectations.

Susan was very helpful and we appreciated her stopping by to meet us.

You did an outstanding job as a guide; and before we left, we felt like you were our friend. We hope that we will be able to make another trip to Alaska and fish with you again.

Can you send us the pictures of Gale's dolly and Jerry's rainbow and the video clip? It's hard to convince our friends that the fishing was so spectacular.

If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area, please give us a call, we would love to take you to dinner... and maybe bass fishing.

Again, thanks for the wonderful time and wonderful memories.

Jerry and Gale Widner

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