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Kenai River, Alaska
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Kenai River King Salmon Charter

“The Kenai River has produced 8 out of the 10 largest King Salmon ever caught on rod and reel!”

Kenai River King Salmon Charter:

  • Kenai River King Salmon
  • Best Boats on the River
  • Safe, Professional Guides
  • Boat limited to 4 anglers
  • All Tackle and Bait
  • Filleting of your catch
  • Full Day (8 hour) Trip

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Kenai River king salmon are the most sought after salmon species in the entire state. And there is little doubt that the words Kenai River immediately bring visions of record-breaking fish and fish racks filled with trophies hanging next to smiling anglers.

Every year the largest king salmon in the world begin to enter the mouth of the Kenai River. Kenai River king salmon average 40 pounds. On most rivers a 40 pound king would be a trophy, but here we expect them. The world record king salmon was caught by Les Anderson on May 17, 1985. This king weighed in at a whopping 97 pounds and 4 ounces (44.1kg). Each year 70 and 80 pound kings are caught on rod and reel in the Kenai River. 2009 saw a king released that was estimated in the 90 pound range! The Kenai River has produced 8 out of the largest 10 king salmon caught on rod and reel.

Every year we suspect that a potential new world record may run up the river as there are fish hooked that are so large and incredibly strong that they have never been landed. Huge king salmon, like Colpoys King at an estimated 140 pounds, have been caught in commercial nets in Alaska. If you would like to see Les’s world record king in person when you get to Soldotna, Alaska, the fish mount is on display at the Soldotna Visitor Center next to the Soldotna Bridge.

Kenai River King Salmon
Kenai River King Salmon

Great Catch!
Great Catch!

97 lb King Salmon World Record
97 lb King Salmon World Record

72 Pound Kenai King Salmon
72 Pound Kenai King Salmon

The Kenai River maintains its world-class status as the “King Salmon Fishing Capital of the World.”

The Kenai River continues to provide as many king salmon as it did 20 years ago, mainly due to the extensive management plan implemented by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. It also continues to produce about the same number of kings between the two runs per season for guided anglers determined to battle one of America’s largest freshwater fish.

Fishing is always unpredictable and especially so on the Kenai River. Angler success varies from day to day and from one year to the next. River conditions can change overnight and make hooking up more challenging. Fishing with one of Jimmie Jack’s professional guides can substantially increase your odds.

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