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TripAdvisor "2014 Certificate of Excellence"

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Alaska Fishing Lodge
Kenai River, Alaska
King Salmon - Silver Salmon - Sockeye- Halibut - Rainbows - Lingcod
  • Trip Advisor "Certificate of Excellence"
  • Celebrating 20 Years in Business
  • Over 10,000 Happy Guests Since 1995
  • 70+ Years of Guide Experience Combined
  • Spectacular Beachfront Location
  • Safest and Most Modern Boats

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  • Jimmie Jack’s Alaska fishing Lodge supports our travel professionals as a great resource community for both the leisure and corporate markets.
  • Jimmie Jack’s Lodge is the perfect choice for your “I want a high quality fishing adventure in Alaska at a competitive price” type of clients.
  • Jimmie Jack’s Lodge hosts over 500 guests per summer season with over 50% returning each year, or every other year.
  • Your guests will enjoy a small professionally operated fishing lodge with top quality equipment, excellent guides, and great food.
  • Alaska Fishing Vacation: Do you have clients who want to spend time with family members? Is it time to take granddad, grandson or any person for some family bonding time? Jimmie Jack’s Alaska fishing Lodge supplies the staff and comfort to make it a memorable trip for everyone.
  • Corporate Trips: When it comes around to investing time and effort to get close to a new customer, or as a thank-you to an old customer, Jimmie Jack’s Lodge is the choice of many businesses. Nothing like a fishing trip to Jimmie Jack’s Lodge for building solid relationships.
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