The Kenai Peninsula is southcentral Alaska's recreational playground so there are many things to do. There are visitor centers, museums, beluga whale watching, clam digging on the right days, wildlife viewing, shopping and plenty of sightseeing within a short drive of our lodge.

What To Expect On Your Kenai River Fishing Trip

Bring your camera for wildlife!
Bring your camera for wildlife!
Our all-inclusive packages make your trip easy
Our all-inclusive packages make your trip easy
WEATHER - Early summer will have temperatures in the 40's and 50's with mid-summer temperatures reaching into the 70's on some days. Rain is always a possibility during Alaska's summers. Wearing layered clothes and bringing lightweight rain gear will prepare you for all the possibilities. A hat and polarized sunglasses are highly recommended as well as a good sun screen for sunny days. And always remember to bring along your camera to capture the excitement of your trip.

LICENSE & KING STAMP - All fishing trips and clam digging require an Alaska fishing license. If you plan to fish for king salmon you will also need to purchase a King Salmon Stamp. There are different rates for resident and nonresident anglers. See the License and Stamp chart above. The king salmon stamp is not required if you are fishing only for halibut, trout, silvers or red salmon. You can get your license in advance: Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game Online Licenses.

TAXIDERMY & FISH PROCESSING - Since the Kenai River is famous for producing great numbers of genuine braggin' size wall-hangers, we are fully prepared to assist you in getting your trophy to a local professional taxidermist if you choose to have it mounted. Fiberglass mounts are available and can be shipped directly to your home when they are complete. Processing is available for a nominal charge.

OUR EQUIPMENT - We provide state-of-the-art fishing tackle, fly rods, flies, baitcasters, bait, lures and equipment (waders, rain gear, etc.) while you're fishing on any of the Lodge charters. You may provide your own freshwater tackle if you wish. Fly rods should be five to seven weight, with the reel(s) filled with floating line(s) and at least 100 yards of backing. Include in your fly selection: egg simulators, glo-bugs, flesh patterns, leeches and muddlers/sculpins. Salmon/steelhead rods should be medium to fast-action graphite rods, 8- to 10-feet long, combined with level-wind reels with 30-40 lb. test line. Light spinning outfits for trout fishing should be in the 6-12 lb. range. We want to make your vacation experience as worry-free as possible so you can leave your gear at home. All our trips are fully guided and outfitted.

BOATS & GUIDES - All the boats you will fish from as well as your guides and skippers are Coast Guard licensed and approved and registered with Alaska Parks where applicable. The saltwater charter boats are equipped with a cabin to keep you warm, dry and comfortable during the run out and back as well as for eating your lunch and stowing your gear. Our guides are some of the best on the water.

MEALS - You will enjoy our gourmet meals prepared by our chef. We can also cater to those who have special dietary needs if you give us advance notice. We are constantly expanding our versatility and repertoire to present a world class dining experience for our guests.

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